I know this blog is titled Splendid’s Plushies but doesn’t quite live up to the name most of the time! Never you fear, Splendid is here to fix that. At least for today anyway. Here is a Doobel that I started entirely too long ago and just managed to finish yesterday. It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did… but I’m lazy. He’s made from minky as usual with hand-embroidered details on his face. Not much else to this little guy! He’s pretty simple.

Still working on Flashtuna, just heavily procrastinating on it because I really really really don’t want to have to do the Cosmodex.

(And coding is hard)

A Delphik has appeared in the comic before but it was waaaaaay in the background.

The thing about Delphiks is that their discription has always confused me. It’s noted as being a Insectoid/humanoid but doesn’t note which parts are humanoid and which are Insectoid. Also it’s neck is noted as taking up 3/4 of it’s total hight which if it has a humanoid body looks, well weird. One other thing is that it says it has a neck, not necks.

For this I drew 2 versions. The left one is more humanoid, and has a single neck that splits at the end.

The one on the right is the one I’m more likely to use in the comic. Where I have it more insectoid and have each head have their own necks. (though I may change it so that the necks are connected at the base)

I feel that they would likely walk on all their hands and legs as oppose to just their legs due to how much their necks can throw them unbalanced. They likely get on just their legs when excited about something. (being Delphiks it’s likely shipping.)


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